What are the benefits of Social Media?

Social Media has become a noticeable part of people's lives everyday. Even if you yourself don’t use it, you probably hear some tid-bit or piece of news from Social Media almost everyday. So the question is can my business benefit from Social Media’s ever increasing influence? Yes! So why and how can your business grow from the use of Social Media?

The number of people on Social Media should be enough to warrant a look into using Social Media. Social Media has over 2.34 billion users! That’s 31% of the whole world! Ok, so now that we know we can reach a sizable audience let’s answer the “How”.

How can Social Media benefit my business?

By making Social Media accounts, which are free, you can gain some serious benefits, such as trust, validity, influence, followers and ultimately more customers. How does that happen? If you browse the internet for any length of time you will notice every major company will have Social Media accounts with people following them. Some of the reasons are: posting the latest news or features of their business. But, there is more.

More you say? Yes, people are already used to seeing advertising everywhere they go. So it’s no surprise that Social Media has lots of advertising. So much so that Facebook and Instagram, in particular, have their own isolated advertising system. This means that you have to be a member of Facebook or Instagram to create any advertising with them. Marketing on Social Media in general has its own career path.

Does that mean I should put all my focus into Social Media? In a recent study about where to place marketing focus, it has Social Media and Search Engines tied at 31%, with Mobile Devices coming in 3rd at 27%. And TV, Radio and Print falling after that. That should give you an idea about the importance of Social Media in today's society.

In the next set of Articles we will break down each Social Media website to help you get started in this new avenue of your Business!

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