Why choose a Custom Built Website?

In my previous article we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of a Custom Website. Now we will consider why you should consider more thoroughly about getting a Custom Website.

Why should I hire someone to Build a Custom Website?

Besides the Advantages that are clear to see, such as Speed and Flexibility, a Custom Website has other advantages that are not immediately seen but have major implications to driving your website to the next level.

To understand what that is, let’s use an example. An E-Commerce Website (Online Store). What are the similarities to an E-Commerce website compared to a physical store? While there are many, we will focus on one for now. In a Store (whether Physical or Online) products are strategically placed to enhance a visitors experience and improve sales conversion.

Whether you’re an Online Store or any other type of website, if you treat your website like a Physical Store then your website will gain some awesome benefits. How so? Consider this Quote from this article: Online Store vs. Physical Store – What’s The Difference?

“The fact that there is no physical person there to answer any questions or guide online visitors, makes it even more imperative to have a website that “flows” naturally to improve experiences and hence increase sale conversions.”

A Website Developer is highly skilled in building a Custom Website that helps the customer or viewer of your Website feel like they are in their favorite boutique or department store. This is exactly what you want to drive business.

To achieve the increased sales conversions a custom website has an edge over other alternatives. Such as…

  • Easily Organized Content to appeal to your consumers
  • Integrating any Marketing content you can dream of
  • Tracking Conversions
  • Improving on SEO without hindering performance
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Not bound by a Templates presets

Having a Custom Website has some clear advantages, but when treated in the right way your Custom Website will become an integral part of your business! Don’t simply “get” a Website, and don’t simply “have” a Website. Make it live and thrive by using and maintaining a Custom Website with the same importance as a physical store!

Ready to take your business to the next level? Request a consultation today and see how a Custom Website will benefit your business!