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Welcome to Rivers Edge Designs of Tri-Cities

Professional Web Design, Web Applications, Database, SEO, Branding and Social Media Services. Located in Tri-Cities, WA. Serving all 50 states.

Why Choose Rivers Edge Web Design

On the Cutting Edge of Web Design and Development

SEO (Search engine optimization)

With seaching something on the interenet as big as it is we want to make sure your site gets to the top of the search page as possible!

HTML 5, CSS3, Parallax and more!

We want your site to have the lastest in web design technology!

Phones & Tablets

With mobile devices a big part of everyday life we want your site to be viewable and usable on all mobile platforms!

Web Applications, Wordpress, E-commerce, Custom Backend scripts and more!

We want to provide whatever your business needs!

Fresh Modern Web Sites

Bring your Website to the modern age!

Web Applications

With the power of Laravel Framework we can construct any Web Application your business needs to grow!


Like wordpress? We got you covered! We can setup, update and install new mods on your Wordpress!

HTML5 Videos

We can impliment your videos in a varity of ways into your site. As a parallax background or a popup video player!

Parallax Scrolling

New gagets are fun! Parallax allows for cool scrolling effects!

CSS3 Animations

Make your site pop and flare with some cool CSS3 Animations!

SEO Optimized

All our sites are optimization for Search Engine Optimization! We all have SEO Management if you don't know how to get your site on Search Engines


Don't know what to do about your Company? We can help you get your business rolling!

Design and Development

We can make the front end and back end of your site! What ever your needs may be we can get your site the way you want it!